Online debut of 'RELAXATRON 5000' by our very own Andrew Brand

The day has finally come! Today is the online debut for our short film ‘Relaxatron 5000’, directed & animated by our very own Andrew Brand.

What started off as a silly animated ‘gag’ film, made solely for Hamburg Int. Short Film Festival’s ’Three Minute Quickie’ competition, ended up being a very successful film on the festival circuit. It even won the ‘Click For Flicks’ award at the Clermont-Ferrand Int. Short Film Festival. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also represented by ARTE for TV rights in Germany and France and the wonderful folks at the Kurz Film Agency in Hamburg.

Sometimes its easy to forget that not all films we make have to be serious and full of big character arcs. Sometimes simple and funny is OK. It’s been a real joy these past couple of years witnessing how much our silly little film makes audiences chuckle. There’s got to be something said for that hey, when most of the time life can seem pretty grim in a world with Brexit and Trump.

Watch 'The Stick (The Scriptwriter's Revenge)' for FREE!!

‘The Stick (The Screenwriter’s Revenge)’, written & directed by the wonderful Emma Sullivan and animated by Bad Studio, is now FREE to watch online.  Hoorah!
It’s a dark and funny tale about a scriptwriter so jaded by the film industry he is forced to write a story so boring it has the power to kill.

RELAXATRON 5000 wins at Clermont-Ferrand Int. Short Film Festival

WE WON!!!!! Our short ‘Relaxatron 5000’ won the ‘Click For Flicks’ award (sponsored by Orange) at the 39th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Thanks to the festival for programming our film and an even bigger thanks to everyone who voted.
As you can imagine, Andrew and everyone at Bad Studio is super chuffed. Hooray!


'Click for Flick' - VOTE for our film

More exciting news!
Please watch and vote for our film ‘Relaxatron 5000’ (If you like it that is!).


It’s in an online competition at the super prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival called ‘Click for Flicks’ sponsored by Orange. We are super honoured to be picked and would be super grateful if you vote for us!

The Year Ahead - character animation, short films & much more

The possibilities of 2017 are extremely exciting already.
We are only a few days into the year and already several collaborations are unfolding with an array of talented people and friends. The year ahead for Bad Studio brings opportunities for much more character animation (hence the video above), 3d animation & compositing for fashion films, more short films and music videos to boot. Watch this space!


And lets not forget previous projects that are still going strong. Our short film, ‘Relaxatron 5000’, is still touring the world as well as recently signing a deal with Arte (thanks to the wonderful people at Hamburg Film Agency) to have it screen on French and German TV for 3 years.

Also, next week a short film we animated on called ‘The Stick – The Script Writers Revenge’ by Emma Sullivan is screening at the London Short Film Festival. It’s in the ‘Low Budget Mayhem’ programme on 13th January @ 8:30, Hackney Picturehouse. Its also nominated for the ‘Best Low Budget Short’ award so cross your fingers for us.
If you’re free come along and bring your friends. But for now, watch the trailer below.

Happy New Year everyone!

Our new animation for the 'PRODUCTION MUSIC AWARDS' ceremony, 2016

We were honoured to be asked back for the 3rd year running to animate all the visuals for the prestigious ‘Production Music Awards’ (previously the Library Music Awards) held this year in the stunning Grand Hotel just off Trafalgar Square.


Influence by their new monochrome branding and the theme ‘Abstract Microscopic Worlds’, our team used a combination of X-Particles, Cinema4D noise effectors, the hair tool, and a healthy pinch of After Effects to create this years animation.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, and especially to the winners!
Here’s a full list for anyone who’s interested:

'RELAXATRON 5000' festival journey continues

Since our Italian premiere at the Concorto Film Festival, our short animation has gone from strength to strength on the film festival circuit.

Over the past 3 months ‘Relaxatron 5000’ has screened at:
– International Extreme Short Film Festival in South Korea
– 35th Festival Du Film D’Animation Pour La Jeunesse in France
– Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Italy


It has also booking 2 more screening for the new year where it will  be screening at the:
– 43rd International Film Festival Würzburg, Germany in January
– 10th British Shorts Film Festival and
– 39th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in the ‘Click for Flicks’ programme in February.

Also, in other news, ‘Relaxatron 5000’ is finalising an exciting deal for TV rights within Germany and France.
More news to come before Christmas.

Italian Premiere of 'RELAXATRON 5000' - 15th Concorto Short Film Festival

Over the years I’ve been to many wonderful international film festivals but Concorto has to be up there with the best. The festival team are incredibly warm and welcoming, the city of Piacenza (in Northern Italy) is stunning, and the open-air screenings are set in a picturesque park under a canopy of stars. What more could you want?

We arrived early on the Wednesday, and after eating some delicious local food and Gelato (you have to really, it’s Italy right!?), we were driven out to the little village of Pontenure for our Italian Premiere of ‘Relaxation 5000.’


As we strolled into the grounds of the park, it was like walking into a bijoux music & arts festival. Past the food buffet, popcorn stand, mobile beer van, and music stage were hundreds of chairs laid out on the grass in front of a huge open-air cinema screen. After gorging on freshly cooked pasta and sparkling red wine (which was strangely nice) we all sat down for 2hrs of wonderful short films. Aside from seeing ‘Relaxation 5000’ send the audience into silly giggles here are some of my other short film highlights from our screening. ‘An Evening’ by Soren Green, ‘Peripheria’ by David Coquard-Dassault and my favourite ‘The Bathtub’ by Tim Ellrich.

‘Relaxatron 5000’ screens next in the following festivals:
SESIFF International Extreme Short Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea (Sept 2016)
35th Festival Du Film D’Animation Pour La Jeunesse, Bourg en Bresse, France (Oct 2016)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Forli, Italy (Oct 2016)

World Premiere of 'RELAXATRON 5000' - 32nd Hamburg Int. Short Film Festival

Last month our new animated short film ‘Relaxation 5000’, directed by Andrew Brand, received its World Premiere at the 32nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Selected in the ’Three Minute Quickie’ competition it is fair to say we had a jam packed schedule with 4 screenings, in 4 different venues, over 4 days. 

It’s 1st screening was at the wonderful Lichtmess cinema in Altona, which was so hot inside it could have doubled up as a Sauna. That said, we didn’t care. We were so excited to finally see our new film on the big screen we barely noticed the river of sweat flowing down our backs. Thankfully the screening was a huge success, which settled our nerves considerably.


As the reactions to our film went from strength to strength so did the audiences numbers. At the Open Air screening on the Friday night there had to be at least 450 people. At first we thought the weather might scare people away but luckily the rain buggered off just in time and we were treated a perfectly warm evening to watch films under the stars and drink beer.

Our short film was not the only reason we were in Hamburg this year. We were also there to support Simon Ellis’ new short film ‘World War Cup’, which we had the privilege to animate some stuff for.

It has to be said that the Hamburg Short Film Festival is something very special. After 5 days of short films, beer, parties and good company, we struggled to think of a single thing the festival team could have done to improve our experience. But how wrong we were! After returning home to our office with a fuzzy feeling inside the Hamburg Film Agency asked to represent ‘Relaxation 5000’ as it’s Sales Agent. Marvellous! Here’s to next year. Better get animating.

THE STICK - a short film by Emma Sullivan

Bad Studio has been collaborating with filmmaker Emma Sullivan on her exciting new short film ‘The Stick – The Scriptwriter’s Revenge’. A film about a screenwriter who sets out to write a story so boring it has the power to kill.

We loved Emma previous films including the heartbreaking short film ‘After Tomorrow’ which was nominated for a Palme d’Or at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival and won Best Short Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2009, so when Emma approached us to animate her new film we jumped at the chance to work with such a talent.

From the very start, Emma was really keen for us to emulate the wonderfully funny and sometimes crazy drawings of German artist Markus Vater which raised the challenge for us to find a way to bring his artistic style into Cinema 4D. For us it automatically screamed Sketch and Toon because it allows the user to apply fully customisable hand-drawn textures to 3D environments. So instead of having to painstakingly hand draw 1000’s of pictures, we were able to work organically with the style of the mark-making we used, as well as allowing us the freedom to place a camera anywhere within the scene and render it out quickly, time and time again, until we were all happy.

The film is now complete and being entered into international film festivals as I write. As soon as we have some more news of where you can see it we will be sure to let you know.

But for now, I highly recommend you grab a cuppa and watch her film ‘After Tomorrow’.

Star Wars Themed Motion Tracking in Cinema 4D

The end of 2015 was crazy busy for us at Bad Studio, so you can imagine we couldn’t wait to kick back and have a break from our computers over the Christmas period. But like all creative people we get bored easily and find it terribly hard to switch off. After several days, as you can imagine, Andy was climbing the walls and once he saw ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ he was straight back on Cinema 4D to make some uber short Star Wars themed animations.

Check out his BB8 animation below and his X-Wing related animations above; all made using the new motion tracking function in R16.

Greyscalegorilla's 5 Second Project - Theme: Storage

Every month the wonderful guys at Greyscalegorilla do a 5 second project competition based around a specific theme.
This month’s theme is ‘Storage’ and we thought it was about time Bad Studio entered. Got to be in it to win it hey?!?!

Hope you like what we came up with.